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Adult Basic Driving Course $379

The Basic Driving Course for adult students consists of 8 hours of behind the wheel training.  The course is divided into (4) two hour driving sessions. The sessions are adjusted to fit each student's ability with safety always being our primary concern.   For most students, the 4 sessions would follow along this general guideline. 

(To register for this course, just give the driving school a call.  Office hours are from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. Monday through Friday.)                                                    

Session #1 - This session is completed in low traffic environments with an emphasis on residential driving 
                     basics and the basic rules of the road.

Session #2 - Session 2 moves into more moderate traffic environments and, depending on student ability,
                     advances to work with roundabouts and an introduction to freeway entrances and exits.
                     At this point, we begin the several types of parking exercises including the maneuverability
                     exercise that is required for your State of Ohio license test.
Session #3 - At this point, we generally will be practicing some higher speed driving on rural  roads and
                     interstate routes. 

Session #4 - The last session deals with high traffic environments.  A substantial part of this session is
                     completed in the downtown Columbus area.

Keep in mind that this is only a general guideline.  The driving environments used are based on each student's ability at the time.  You will never be asked to drive in an area or environment that would be unsafe for you.

Individual 2 hour driving sessions $95

Generally, this is for students just looking for help preparing for the State license exam.  This 2 hour session covers basic residential driving and the maneuverability test

Need a car to use for the State license exam?

Our cars are available for rent for the exam.  The fee is $95
Provided you live in our service area, an instructor will pick you up and take you to the exam station for
your test.
 To sign up for the Adult Learn to Drive Course, just call the school at 614-777-1762